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Who would have thought as far back as 15-20 years ago that the successful sports predictions can generate a good profit? To date, placing the money on any international sporting event is as easy as ABC. Moreover, the obtaining of the winning is guaranteed!

With the current system of Internet payments, this method of betting has become very convenient and easy, and most significantly, fast.

Our bookmaker’s shop offers daily sports predictions, which are posted on this Web page. Updating the page, you will get a new prediction of several available. In addition, there is a block with such predictions in all my articles. And these predictions are regarding not only sports, but also regarding the e-sports events. A wide range of options of events, which are recommended for betting by us, is introduced to your consideration.

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Romero R.
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FK Zalgiris Vilnius
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Who is better: a professional bookmaker or a “handicapper”?

Do the sports predictions of professionals give a realistic chance of winning? Of course, but the question is how to get such prediction and highlight a real expert among the pool of ‘cunning handicappers’ whom I described in the previous article Football Predictions from Experts.

First of all, I would like to warn you about fraudulent methods of crooks and scammers to make money on you. These are so called “cunning handicappers”. Just keep in mind a few simple rules:


  1. The handicapper benefits in any case because risks nothing. Only you are the one who takes the risk;
  2. Free sports predictions via e-mail are free cheese in a mousetrap, which you are persistently invited to taste;
  3. Transfer of the score to the handicapper’s discretion will result in his loss in 90% of cases;
  4. Someone always gets the opposite prediction on the outcome of the event that got you.

Sports predictions for today from experts

Naturally, there are exceptions. But professionals often work with their trusted customers and do not advertise their services on the Internet. However, on our Web page we will publish predictions for you, which you can use by getting registered on our Web site and placing a bet.

Best sports predictions from the experts are the odds of sporting events at the bookmaker’s shop. And the best handicapper that can evaluate the rationality of a bet is you.

Who has the best chance to win on betting? Naturally, everyone has the chance. But frankly speaking, the maximum chances belong to those people who are great on the sports. For example, a person knows perfectly well many football teams, watches some of them for years, knows all famous coaches, where and when a match takes place, and which of the players was the best forward in the past year. Is it any wonder that such an expert has many times greater chances of placing a successful bet than that of a beginner both in the betting shop and in football?

Daily free sports predictions

Also, you should pay your attention to the fact that betting on your favorite team is your opportunity to enjoy the game watching. It should not depend on any chances or statistics. Treat it like a tradition. If your team wins, you will get double pleasure. However, place small bets, no more than 10 euros, in order not to be hurt in case of loss.

Is this hobby legal, safe and is it ethical to bet? Everything is perfectly legal and ethical. Many developed countries, especially the United Kingdom, have been long known for its bookmaker’s shops. And the very concept of a “bet” appeared in old Europe, and from there went all over the world. Do not forget about famous Las Vegas? It is in the casinos and on slot machines where people lose or win huge amounts money, and if we talk about security, a person cannot lose on betting online more than he/she has on the account.


So predictions for football, boxing, hockey and other sports are one of the most secure earnings on the Internet, if you do it on your own. At least, everything is more transparent here: the team won or lost, so your bet won or lost, respectively. Everything is the most easy and clear.


Can you catch the excitement? If a person is venturesome, he will catch everything. There were many cases when all the money was spent to buy, for example, armour in some online game of RPG genre? Or buy weapons or level up? After all, the system of excitement in the game is designed so that players just cannot relax, or rest, they need to constantly invest in the development of their heroes in order to play there.


At the same time, everything is much easier in the sports predictions. You are pulled out of the atmosphere of excitement after the end of a game or a match because your bet has been already triggered. And as a rule, you will have time to rest, “cool down”, and to analyse the results prior to the beginning of a new competition. And besides, a player is left alone, he is free, he does not need to look up to anyone else, he does not need to strive to be better, or at least not worse than the others.


My advice to anyone who is looking for accurate sports predictions: take care of yourselves, analyse sporting events, review the results statistics and you will get your own prediction free of charge. And most importantly, everything is in your hands.


I hope that my article was useful to you and I was able to help you somehow. If you repost this article, you will be able to help me. In addition, I invite you to get registered on our Web site.

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