Betting on CS GO

In this article, you will read about how to watch the forecasts on CS GO and earn real money on the Counter-Strike game.

In addition, bets on CS GO matches are accepted starting from 1 cent that fit for those who do not want to risk their money too much. Alternative proposals do not give real profit. Yes, you can win new equipment or weapons in cs go lounge. However, things from the Counter-Strike game remain play bonus, which are very difficult name material!

If you are willing to win not only the things in CS GO, but are ready to get real money, you are welcome to this Web site! I will tell in this article how to bid and watch the forecasts on Counter-Strike in order to earn money.

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Forecasts for matches CS GO

You probably know that every day several top e-sport teams in the world participate in tournaments in Counter-Strike. Odds of the win of teams can be found in the relevant section on the Web site. Let me explain everything in stages, step by step, so that you can finally make real money on your favourite game by placing bets on CS GO. For a start, you need to get registered on this Web site, filling in all of the fields indicated on the Web page. This process takes 5 minutes maximum.

Then, you need to top up your account, for example, through Skrill or a credit card. There is one feature here. If you do the first replenishment and the amount that you contribute to the Web site exceeds $ 50 or is the equivalent at the exchange rate, $ 10 will be added to your account as a gift. I recommend not abandoning this bonus.

Bets on Counter-Strike

Then, you go to the E-sport section, where a list of all games in the near future are presented. There is not only betting on Counter-Strike, but betting on e-sports in general, including the betting on Dota 2. It is simple to place a bet. Find a strong team in the list of games and click on the odds. Odds are real forecasts for the CS GO matches. The lower the odds are, the higher the chances of the team are. This will open the basket of bets, where you can specify the amount you want to bet. In addition, the forecast for a e-sport game recommended by the professional bookmaker will be always available on this Web page.

As you can see, it is very easy to make money in the CS GO game. Your knowledge of the game will be your trump card. Follow the news of the teams, their composition, analyse their strategy and win money! CS bets are available to everyone now! In order to catch a break, I would like to tell you about the prohibited techniques used by cyber athletes in the competition:

Interesting Facts


Recently, at the end of 2014, the day before the big tournament DreamHack Winter 2014 in CS GO, a row has erupted around three professional players, who have been accused of cheating. The essence of the problem was that they have used a software module that was connected to the game and assisted in the shooting at the enemy. It was impossible to see this assistance from outside, thus, it was impossible to identify a cheat. It worked as a sight finisher during shooting at the enemy. That is, given that players have directed the sight to defeat the enemy plus or minus, the cheat has levelled the sight by a few pixels to hit exactly in the head. Thus, the players have had an advantage, especially with a sniper rifle. Walve Corporation, which is the developer of Counter-Strike, is carrying out an investigation until now, because it is virtually impossible to reveal the cheat on remote computers


Despite this fact, the e-sports began to spin up in popularity, and the championships, which are held regularly not inferior to sports competitions by audience appeal and large-scale participation. Millions of viewers, thousands of first-class players, the excitement, intrigue, could all this be disregarded by the bookmaker’s sphere? Naturally, it couldn’t!

Certainly, in order to achieve success in the field of betting in this game, you are not required to be able to play it yourselves. After all, no expert on boxing bets gets in the ring himself. On the other hand, if possible, it is still better to play it. This will give an opportunity to understand some of the peculiarities of the game, and then you can hope that bets on CS GO will be more successful. If there is no possibility, time, or simply the desire, then, you are not supposed to spend time on it and begin to learn the features of bets in the game. To do this, you just need to watch the game of the teams. Look for their strengths and bet when a weak team plays against your selected team. Or you can simply take a forecast from this page.

There are virtually no differences from sports in terms of analysis and forecasting. We study the team, team members, odds and significance of a particular event in the same way. As for the game itself, the essence lies in the fact that gamers go over maps, they support terrorists during a part of the game, and Special Forces staff during the second part. There are several stages in the competition altogether. The winner is determined using the total score at the end of a round.

One of the major differences from sports, to which you should definitely pay attention before placing a bet on CS GO, is the equipment of gamers. Naturally, I mean in the virtual world. There is nothing like that in sports. But this is what exists in the game. And this must be monitored. A gamer can buy better weapons or gear for his character at any time. This will give him a significant advantage in comparison with what it has been before the purchase. For many users, that are no longer new to the field of sports betting, this peculiarity will be unusual initially. But if you sit and read about equipment and weapons, which, incidentally, is so interesting for plenty of men, it is quite possible to grasp the issues during a week.

Bear in mind that your main advantage is that you know the game. Bookmakers do not play CS GO. In order to give odds for the game, they just use pallid statistics. Your task is to use your advantage to win.

But for a person ignorant and having no clue in the subtle details of Counter-Strike, it is worth to visit forums where fans of the game gather. It is possible to pick up a lot of useful information, including forecasts, having sufficient patience. Frequently, these forums are visited by the gamers themselves, enjoying the rays of their glory. And it gives the opportunity to know the forecasts for the next few games straight from the source.

I hope that in this article I was able to help you solve the issue associated with monetary bets. If you repost this article, you will be able to help me. Thanks to all in advance!


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