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Perhaps, one of the most dynamic sports is tennis. The speeds achieved at serving the ball have beaten the mark of 200 kilometres per hour long ago.

An important factor that affects the choice of betting in favour of this kind of sports is its regularity.

There is a large number of tennis matches per day, and every athlete has a large supply of games played under his belt. Volume of statistics is high here and news about the players’ conditions is updated regularly here.

Therefore, the theory of betting on tennis has its own nature, which is not similar to team sports.

It is quite easy to place a live bet on tennis and benefit, if you follow a certain set of rules.

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How to Bet on Tennis

Certainly, everybody wants to stand to gain. Beginners luck, it's true, but more likely that success comes to those who love and understand the specific sports, can figure out the situation and allow themselves to be able to bet. If your favourite sport is tennis, you follow the course of events on the world tennis courts, why not to bet on tennis?

Knowing the specifics of this sport first hand, having an idea about the abilities of the players, whose names speak volumes to you, you can hope for a winning outcome with good reason, if you carry out some analysis of spend and stick to the strategy worked out. In turn, our Web site offers the best bets on tennis today. Every day, there is a complete list of tennis events in our line. We also give a forecast for bets on tennis made by professionals today. You will be able to receive daily complimentary forecast on this Web page.

Strategies betting on tennis

Both an analysis and a strategy can be general and detailed. The purpose of the first analysis is to consider the results of matches in last one and a half/two months in which the player took part and, if they did not exist at all, you should not place a bet, because it is unclear what form the player is in at the moment. His reputation, rankings, and any other factors should not be taken into account. Unless in the case, where tennis players of absolutely different class play. For example, one of them was in Top 20 of the world rankings, but did not play due to his injury, while the other got in the tournament through Yellow card and is not numbered in the first hundred of the rankings.

Before you bet on tennis, determine to which category the players belong: weak, strong or big. Such a separation of categories of tennis players can be made based on the current ratings. For example, “big” tennis players include the first 30 of the ATP or WTA rankings and so on by strength. Your strategy of betting on tennis should be based on a theory and be as follows:

Bets on the total and game in tennis


A weak tennis player loses with a lopsided score to the big, loses with a consolation score to the strong and play with varying degrees of success with a weak competitor.

A strong tennis player outplays the weak easily, resists a strong tennis player certainly, and can win sometimes. And he plays with an equal competitor unexpectedly.

A big tennis player outplays the weak with confidence, almost always beats the strong, the result of the match with an equal player is unpredictable, and consequently, the bets will be risky.


Frequent losses to stronger players may indicate a decline in class and the transition into the category of strong players. General analysis may not be sufficient to place bets on Tennis Live, as the situation varies from match to match and it is dangerous to rely on subjective opinion. It is always worth to review the statistics of previous matches. Proceeding to a detailed analysis, you should pay attention to the physical condition of a tennis player, whether he is able to play a long period successfully, whether he refuses to take part in tournaments often, as well as follow the behaviour of odds.

Take a look at an example of the game conducted by the big tennis player with the weak tennis player. The figure shows that personal win of Murray vs. Mahut by a score of 4-1 is confirmed by the ATP rankings. Recent games with other tennis players show that Murray has a shape much better than Mahut. The result is expected. Murray won by a score of 2-0.

Armed yourselves with knowledge, you can bet confidently, not forgetting that your main interest in the game is the odds and handicap that are set by the bookmaker’s shop. Do not risk their own funds, if the coefficient of ultra (less than 1.15). In this case it is better to make a multi-rate

The Internet has made it possible to bet on tennis and get real money from any location of those who want to play. The Web site of every bookmaker’s shop offers numerous options for betting, including betting on Tennis Live.

Especially popular are bets on tennis games or exact scores, by which the game will end. The advantage of this type of betting is in the fact that it is possible to apply a “pyramid” system, that is, to increase the amount of a bet, catching the desired result. Such proposals are available for almost every match on our Web site. In addition, a good option of a bet is a Total bet. Often, there is an extra profit of a player in the Total, if the selected tennis player takes a break at a serve of an opponent. It is profitable to place a bet on the larger Total sum or the smaller Total sum, depending on the server and receiver. If a “big tennis player” serves, and the match develops for the smaller Total sum, you should place to the smaller. If a “weak tennis player” received the service of a “big tennis player” and serves its own, you should expect the reverse break and the Total sum will get higher.

Do as your intuition suggests based on knowledge and estimates, be sure of the accuracy of your choice, and a positive result will not be slow to show up!

Thrill is in a human being at the genetic level, and this feeling grows and develops as a person grows older. It can bring some to the pinnacle of fame and prosperity, or it can throw the others into the depths of poverty and stagnation. The root cause of certain actions was thrill both in the first and in the second cases. Starting with the children’s phrases like “Let's bet ...” or “Dare you ...?”, which then turn into “What if?”, and almost everyone is trying, at least once in a lifetime, to catch the smiles of fortune, to get hold of its secret. And in most of these cases, interest becomes the satellite of thrill, and not a simple interest, but a money interest. Unfortunately, money determines our existence. Everyone needs it, needs it always and the more the better. You can test the strength of your friendship with Her Majesty Fortune, visiting the bookmaker's Web site. If in the old days totalizers (betting) were available on horse races only, the modern online bookmaker’s shops prefer any sports competitions. Of course, football, then hockey, basketball, tennis, auto racing and other sports takes the first place among them. And these are not necessarily the world championships. Matches and games and events of different levels may be subject of betting.

I hope that in this article I was able to help you solve the issue associated with monetary bets. If you repost this article, you will be able to help me. Thanks to all in advance!

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