DotA betting on money

Dota bets have become popular in our time because now it is possible to bet not only things of a game, but also money on bookmakers’ Web sites.

Now there is an opportunity to earn the guaranteed profit through fairly legal schemes. In this article, I will tell you how this works.

First, everyone knows that betting on Dota 2 can be done on a specialized resource gosugamers, where, in fact, the exchange of useless things takes place. You place useless rapier or rod on the result of a match between the teams of professional e-sportsmen.

The trouble is that things remain just things in the game, even if you win thousands of them. And besides, you often win the same useless stuff. But how to place bets on dota2, bringing significant profit?

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Strategy DotA bets

It turns out that it is quite easy to do. You just need to combine things betting with monetary betting on the bookmaker’s shop Web site. At the same time, you do not need a personal forecaster who would give advises in placing bets. Your winning will not depend on the outcome of the fight at all, because you benefit, in any case. 

It is important to remember that an accurate forecast on the outcome of the match plaid by e-sport teams is, by definition, impossible. That is why the sensations occur and if you bet on the favourites only, without securing yourselves by bets on the outsider, it is highly unlikely that you win in the long run. After all, profit of the Web site is originally put in the odds of win of teams posted by this Web site. Therefore, for the correct use of the scheme, strictly follow the rule of betting on the opposite outcomes, which will be set out below.

How to place bet in Dota 2

Of course, this activity has both its “pros” and “cons”, which should be better introduced to you. However, we will touch upon this aspect a little bit later, and start with the methods of betting on Dota.

We can mention the similarity of these bets with the traditional sports betting. For example, Dota bets are subject to the same laws that are specific to sports betting. There are different options of a bet: a bet on the win of one of the teams, a bet on the total frags, and also a bet on the handicap of the matches within the series of games. All this is not difficult, but in this example, you do not need to rack your brains over an analysis of the forthcoming game and spread of its results. You just have to decide what you want to get from a particular game. If your prefer things, put the money on the outsider and the things on the favourite. Or vice versa, if you want to withdraw cash to spend it, put the money on the favourite, and the things on the outsider. Thus, Dota 2 is transformed into an online game with the cash withdrawal.

Online game with the cash withdrawal

And here is the way promised above to cash out your winning through the bookmaker’s shop. It is absolutely simple and legal. It comprises a small trick. Let me explain you this with specific reference:

Match Natus Vincere - HyperGloryTeam

As you can see, the odds of Natus Vincere in favour of the win amount to 65% in gosugamers. At the same time, the odds of an outsider of the meeting, HyperGloryTeam, in favour of the win amount only to 35%. Now, most significantly, look how the same game looks like at the bookmaker’s shop.

As you can see, there is the same favourite, Natus Vincere, with the odds of 1.35. And the bookmaker’s shop is willing to pay the odds of 2.9 for the win of HyperGloryTeam. Your safe strategy is that you need to place a bet on Dota 2 both in the gosugamers and in the bookmaker’s shop. You place a bet on the favourite in the bookmaker’s shop, and things on the outsider in the lounge. Thus, if Natus Vincere wins, you get real money for your bet. If HyperGloryTeam wins, you get good things, often even with the Mythical status, which themselves are worth much. In any case, you benefit!

There are some rules below to help you to properly allocate, what and on what to bet:

  • 1.  The higher the odds are, the higher the pay-out on the bet is. You can win a lot of money or very status things (trophies);
  • 2. Regularly choosing low odds for monetary bets, you are more likely can win, but gains will be small;
  • 3. Bets on Dota just like bets on traditional kinds of sports are calculated immediately after their completion;
  • 4. Here, there are also the favourites who can bring you success, if you place a bet on them. However, just as in the traditional kinds of sports, this rule does not always work.

As you can see, both e-sports and traditional sports have similarities when we talk about such a concept as bookmaker’s bets. Here, a lot of similar trends and laws work. Thus, bets on Dota can be considered a way of earning in a safe scheme. After all, the bookmaker’s shop does not care which bets to accept. But it is important for you. Adjust the amount of a bet, depending on the value of things and you will always benefit.

Since we have examined the similarity of bets, it is high time to talk about their differences. Among those we may mention as follows:

  • 5. Bets on traditional kinds of sports are easier to figure out, as there are many additional factors that may incline you to a correct forecast. In our case, you do not need to estimate anything, because you benefit regardless of the outcome;
  • 6. The field of activities of a player, who bets on e-sports, is different from the one, in which a fan of traditional kinds of sports is involved.

As you can see, Dota bets have good reason to be a major area of activity now. Since, the more gamblers, the higher bets and payments, creating the competition making the market to respond with an enormous mass of better offers.


The game of your interest can bring you money;

+ It is possible to earn without walking away from your computer and being guided by knowledge of the classical bets.

Considering all the mentioned aspects, we can say that bets on Dota may be profitable for everybody who wants it. All you need is to get registered on our Web site, top up your account and place a bet. We wish you success in it!

I hope that in this article I was able to help you solve the issue associated with monetary bets. If you repost this article, you will be able to help me. Thanks to all in advance!

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