E-sport betting with high odds

In this article, I will talk about a new type of bets for all fans of online games, which are e-sport bets.

This is a very profitable business on its own because the study of the question of betting involves watching the games of professional teams that is done by any gamer anyway. The more you delve into the game of Dota 2, or any other game, the more you play it, the better your chances to win.

Moreover, our Web site has a huge number of sporting events that can make your game diversified.

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Daily e-sports predictions

And yet it is to be recalled that a major factor in the betting success is your knowledge of the subject. Sometimes the bad form of one of the players can leave the whole team without any chance. And on the other hand, the best game of an e-sportsman cyberathlete can spark his team to victory.

With that in mind, you must remember that information on the teams and the form of their players is the key to success. It goes without saying that watching the game of the teams you can see who plays well and who have declines. A video stream is integrated into our Web site with the most interesting games, on which bets are accepted. In addition, on this Web page predictions for next e-sport matches are constantly updated that will be also helpful if you find it difficult to determine the betting option.

You must admit that it looks very tempting: just play your favourite game, watch the way others play, and especially professional cyberathletes, place bets and earn money.

E-sport betting strategy

There are quite a lot strategies offered by online bookmakers. But in my opinion, the most important strategy is emotion control and cold calculation. The more excited you get, the less reasoned your bets. And forget about the “favourites”. Once this word came to your mind, try to analyse the match because there could be a trick. But do not neglect the advices of experienced gamers. Sometimes it happens that someone from outside will be able to assess the situation from a new angle, and this in turn will increase your account balance in our bookmaker’s shop.

Remember the Golden Rule: “I bet when I am sure”. And the next resulting rule: “the more you know about the subject of a bet, the greater the confidence in the right choice”. That is why, just develop your knowledge of the game, watch the teams of professional cyberathletes and bet on the winner.

This apparently simple strategy will lead you to the fact that your balance in our bookmaker’s shop will be increasing. All that is lacking is to apply practically.

Multi-bets combining different disciplines of e-sports increase profits

However, it should be noted that the majority of strong teams can easily outgame average players, giving the opportunity to combine several events in a multi-bet. Multi-bet is when you combine several games and their results in one ticket with one bet amount. Thus, you multiply your chances of winning, including the amount of money, which you will get on your balance and then will be able to withdraw from the account. To win it is enough only if all outcomes comprised by a multi-bet have not been lost. But one loss is enough for a complete loss.

Betting on e-sports, you automatically agree to the terms and conditions of bet acceptance, so you should also read them. On our Web site, they are located in simple and accessible menu by means of which you can very quickly become familiar with all the rules, payment receipt systems and types of bets used on this service.

I can specify the number of fans of computer games, who place bets on e-sports every day: there are over hundreds of thousands of such users. Existing options in the games do not allow earning if you bet with game things or weapons. The advent of betting services online has greatly simplified the procedure. Availability of a bank card or Skrill allow to do everything elementary and quickly. 

Now, true fans of e-sports can bet money staying at home, just using an online service. For this purpose, any payment system or bank card with opportunity of online payments is suitable. Currency does not also matter because currency exchange transactions take place instantly and given the current exchange rate within the processing centre.

Did you know that:

“The first competition in e-sports began in 1997 on the discipline of Quake. The organizer was newly established Cyberathlete Professional League (CPL). Subsequently, the discipline of Quake has been replaced by the Unrial Tournament game, which was popular by the beginning of the 2000s.”

In my previous articles, such as Betting on Dota 2 and Betting on CS GO, I considered some issues required in order to make your bets successful. If you have not visited these Web page yet, I recommend you to do it now, since they contain tips described which will allow you to increase your account balance in the future.

I hope that my article has helped you! If you repost this article, you will help me. Good luck in e-sport betting, and I invite those, who have not yet managed to get registered on our Web site, to do so.

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