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Football is one of the most popular games in the world. It's simple, exciting and interesting, attracting a lot of fans. And if you are great on these competitions, watch every match, then you will be very interested in making profit out of it as well.

Making a prediction on a particular match, you should consider a variety of factors. So, you must know the team list, the line-up, their current ranking. You can explore in detail each competitor, possible current and past traumas prior to betting. All this will allow you to see the picture clearly and analyse the current game. A lucky prediction includes a comprehensive analysis of the information gathered, and then it is summarized in data of current opportunities of the winning. Placing a bet on football online, you should be guided by your own intuition and feelings. Do not trust unreliable predictions sold by some small companies. The danger associated with the so called handicappers has been described by me in the article on "Football Predictions".

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Types of bets on football online

The basic rules of football are known to everyone who is interested in this game in one way or another. In this regard, systems of specific bets have been developed. Among them it is worth noting the following:

Bet on the winner of the game;

Bet on the team's going through to the next round of cup competitions;

Bet on double outcome;



Bet on the outcome of the half/match.

Of course, these are not all types of bets offered in our bookmaker’s shop, however, having an idea of them will facilitate your understanding the way this Web site works.

How to place the first bet?

To place the first bet, you need to get registered on our Web site. This process will take around 5 minutes at the outside. Your registration will allow you to get your own account with the bookmaker’s shop, access to which is secured with a password known only to you.

In addition, you will be able to make a deposit to start the game on the Web page of your own profile. Please note that if your deposit amount will be $50 and above or an equivalent in another currency, you will get a bonus of $10 bonus, which you can use for betting.

In addition, I recommend you to read the rules of betting acceptance and terms of use of the Web site in order to know the differences between betting by kind of sports.

Description of the types of football bets

A bet on the winner of the game. This option is the easiest. It is a bet on the final outcome of a particular match. Whether it's a victory, draw or loss, you can bet on any of the options presented. And you win if you guessed the final outcome of a match during regulation time.

A bet on the team's going through to the next round is placed in cup competitions or during a playoff game. In this case, you will be able to predict the results of the team’s going through based on the results of few games or one, depending on the competition. Here, a victory obtaining method does not matter. It could be either a penalty, or extra time.

Double outcome. This option means that if you bet 1X, then you are fine with the victory of the first team and a draw. In both cases, your bet will be winning.

Total differs by a fractional number of goals. For example, if your bet on Total is greater than 1.5, then you get the winning in the case of 2 and more goals scored. This also applies if a bet placed on Total is less than 1.5, then you win in the case of one goal scored or a goalless draw.

Handicap is similar to the previous system. The difference is in the winning calculating method. So, if a bet is placed on the odds of 1.5, this means that you bet on the victory of a team with a difference of 2 goals scored. You are fine with the victory of 2:0, 3:1 or 5:3, you win in all such cases.

Bets on the outcome of the half/match are such an option when you determine the outcome of the first half and the rest of the match with one bet. For example, W1/D means that the first team will win in the first half, but in general, the match will end in a draw.


Also, you can watch sports online, the results of which are shown Live in each event, which takes place at the moment. In this case, you place bets during the game, as the match unfolds.


One of the features of the game is its good predictability. That is why online betting on football is attracting more and more people. Great sparring of two teams will not leave indifferent and allow being tense until the last minute. In addition, since the introduction of such service as Live betting in 1999, it outperformed betting on matches before the game by the number of bets for these 17 years of development:

Live betting

Summarizing, it should be noted that this type of earning can be very profitable and successful. And if you understand the system, the profit will grow to become your primary form of income in as little as a few weeks. And fascinating watching of the match will be great addition for those who love football and appreciate money.


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I hope my article has helped you to deal with those issues that you are interested in. If you repost this article, you will help me! Thank you all in advance and invite you to get registered in our bookmaker’s shop!

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