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One of the most exciting and popular sport is football.

Football predictions are only the first step in the world of sports betting. After all, the prediction itself is worth nothing if you did not get registered at the bookmaker’s shop and bet. You will receive daily complimentary prediction with the recommended amount of a bet on this Web page.

This prediction is made by a bookmaker who is an expert in football. Also, you can see more predictions on the Free Sports Predictions page.

Free predictions are updated around the clock, so you can place your successful bet on our Web site at any time. Click the name of teams, and if you are logged in, the prediction will be added to your list.

Shanghai Port
Shanghai Shenhua SVA
Zibo Cuju
Guangxi Pingo Khaliau
Nantong Zhiyun
Qingdao Qingciundao
Chojniczanka Chojnice
Kalish 1925
Farul Constanta
Sigma Olomouc
Lake Macquarie
Weston Bears

Football predictions from experts

This is convenient for those who want to make a bet, without going into details of the statistics and just looking for a way to cheer for some team.

I do not recommend betting a lot of money on these projections, if you want to bet a lot, you’d better analyse the statistics and be confident in your choice.

Football predictions prepared by bookmakers differ by far greater reliability. These predictions are expressed in real odds for which the bookmaker is willing to pay money. And it differs significantly from the football predictions made by negligent handicappers who risk nothing.

The thing is that the bookmaker analyses not only the team statistics and pre-match scenarios. The main thing analysed by the bookmaker is the number of bets on a particular team, and thus he predicts how much he will accept for a particular outcome. This is the factor that shifts the odds in favour of a particular team.


Scheme of the “handicapper’s” work

Thus, the football predictions from professionals will be much different from the handicappers’ ones.

That is why a real handicapper does not sell his predictions to one and all, and works with the same group of customers.

And, more usually, the professional handicapper works at the bookmaker’s shop as betting analyst and plays on the other side of the screen.

It certainly does not negate the fact that many analysts predict the outcome of a particular event successfully.

Recall though, Paul the Octopus, who made 12 correct predictions out of 14 matches during his career. No one is born an octopus. :)

Why choose football predictions from the professionals

“We have created this Web page so that you can receive football predictions for free, without searching borderline bids on the Internet. A special type of predictions, which should not be used, called ‘cunning handicapper’, is that some “brilliant expert” sends 1,000 predictions to unsuspecting users by e-mail for free.

At the same time, he takes the match with two possible outcomes, such as tennis. He divides a group of customers into two parts of 500 people. He informs the first that the number of goals scored in a football match will be greater than 2.5, and the other half that the number of goals scored in a football match will be less than 2.5.

Thus, half of the customers receive the correct prediction, as the match is over with Greater or Less. That part of the customers, who have won, is divided by the ‘cunning handicapper’ into two again and he sends another prediction of the two variants of outcomes. As a result, half of the customers win the bet, as in the previous case.

And here, the handicapper offers to pay further service for a month in advance in the amount of $ 100. Calculate how much he will earn on 250 of unsuspecting customers. And also consider whether you need to pay attention to similar offers on the Internet.”

However, I want to warn you that in fact accurate football predictions do not exist in principle because every event has some portion of unpredictability and contingencies.


What shall you do in such a situation, if you still want to get football predictions from the experts? In this case, I recommend you to rely only on yourselves. You have to take a pencil and a sheet of paper, write down all the known facts about the upcoming meeting of the teams. In this case, do not look at the odds in advance. Make your own prediction, open our Web site, find the match of interest, and then look at the odds. If you still see the difference, this difference is a hint for you at the best football prediction from the bookmaker. For example, you think that the team must win with a probability of 75%, and you see in the line that the odds are much higher. So, place your bet on it since you have the advantage.


You will find huge lists of possible games on the Web site of our bookmaker’s shop. Find a team of interest from the list, and check the method specified by me. Just put a small amount of money to ensure that the scheme really works. In this case, everything will depend on you, and not on the ‘cunning handicapper’.


The website information is arranged in such a way that the most popular types of bets are always in sight of visitors. You can play online, live betting provides an opportunity to bet on the outcome of the game directly during the very game.


What would be the best for you (use our free predictions, buy them from handicappers, or bet on your own), you will define on your own. Naturally, the third option contains more adrenaline and emotions. For a start, just place one test bet of a small amount, simply to verify the process itself, and to get to the bottom of things and understand the way the system works. It will not take long before you will be able to participate in a really big game, where real money is really at stake. On average, it takes about 5 days for the beginner to understand the nature and mechanism of work, but the true fans of sports will be able to grasp the idea of football predictions in a couple of days.

I hope that my article has helped you in learning more about the predictions and our offers of betting options will suit you. I was happy to help you. If you Like this article and repost it in social media, you can help me. I would like to thank you in advance and invite you to get registered on our Web site!



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