Placing a bet on a match

Placing a bet on a match or your favourite sports has become much easier with the advent of virtual bookmaker’s shops.

You are currently visiting the Web site of the online bookmaker’s shop.

In this article, you will get exact instructions how to place a bet online.

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Besides, I would like to say a few words about our Web site. We operate in the market of betting services for 16 years, i.e. since 1999. That’s why you can trust us, because we are a reliable company. In the meantime, let's get back to our topic.

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Sports Betting Guide

So, one by one! Please, find below my complete instruction regarding the steps required to bet on your favourite team. As you will see, it is quite simple:

  1. Registration on the Web site
  2. Replenishment of your account
  3. Selection of a team of interest
  4. A bet on the outcome
  5. Wait for the result and get your winning

Let me explain why these steps are necessary, in order you have the most complete and reliable information, as they say straight from the source. Also, please, note that on this Web page we publish daily sports predictions which are absolutely free. You can try to place a bet using the sports prediction, if you do not want to spend too much time on analysis of the odds of any team.

How to place a bet

Registration on the Web site. During this procedure, you enter your name, e-mail, which will be your login to access the Web site, password, date of birth and account currency in a few fields.

This information is required not only for your registration in the system, but for your safety as well. Only you shall use your account, so keep your password a secret and do not transfer the control over your account to anyone else.

Our service is the most reliable, that’s why your data are secured. In addition, there is a welcome bonus on the Web site that will be credited to you if your first deposit is greater than or equal to $50 or the equivalent in another currency.

I do not recommend dismissing such a possibility, as the bonus amounts to $10, and it is granted to you for gambling.

Replenishment of your account

Replenishment of your account. This is a simple procedure, which is performed by means of a plastic card or any other method from a list of payment systems. Usually, you can replenish your account within a couple of minutes. You will immediately see your balance amount, which appears in the top right corner of the Web site. You can replenish your account as many times as you deem fit. The only limitation is the requirement of a bank or a payment system to the temporary suspension of payments. This is due to your personal limits, which you can adjust in the settings of your credit card or payment system.

Selection of the team of interest. If you want to bet on a match with your favourite team, you need to find it in the list of events. For this purpose, at the top of the Web site click on the “Sports” button, which leads you to the section of sports selection. Further, everything is very simple. You select a sport, a country where the match is held, and get a list of all games. In this list, click on the desired team to see what betting options we offer.

A bet on the outcome. Each event will have a lot of betting options. For example, the team's win in the match, Total or Handicap of the goals, points scored. You should choose the option that interests above all. By clicking on it, you'll see that the “Betting Ticket” will open. You just need to specify the amount and click the “Bet” button.

Wait for the result and get your winning.The bookmaker’s shop calculates the bets based on the result of a game. This, usually, occurs within 10-15 minutes after completion of the game. When we are talking about online betting, the bets are calculated almost instantly. Your winnings are credited to your account. And you will be able to continue the game or withdraw money in any convenient way. The general scheme and the meaning of your bets are as follows:

You bet $10 on the odds of 2.0, and you get $20 if you win!

As you can see, sport betting is quite simple. The main thing is just to keep in mind a few simple rules. Before making each of your choices, think about the strength of teams, motivation of an opponent, as well as the physical form of players. This is an equally valid approach both for single sports, and for team sports. By the way, I would recommend you to bet on your favourite team every time, without any analysis, buying a few beers beforehand. It may be a small amount, which will give you the opportunity to enhance the pleasure of watching the match. Trust me, winning of the bet multiplied by the win of your team shall mean a very good feeling. And this is definitely worth a couple of dollars, which you can bet on our Web site. And besides, if your team wins, you win as well! 

You can improve your knowledge, study the features of tactics and styles of teams, the strengths and weaknesses of tennis players, the transfer policy of clubs, since all this comes in handy. The basis of your tactics is knowledge of the subject multiplied by intuition. Please, note that there is no other way of betting without intuition. After all, sport is not always one hundred per cent predictable. A boxer, having 40 matches and 40 win behind him, can lose the 41st match. Yes, he will be the undisputed favourite, but there are always chances of failure. So, you need to rely on your knowledge, but do not abandon intuition, it will hint you when you should not bet at all.

I hope that my article has helped you in learning more about our Web site, and my advices would be useful to you. I was happy to help you. If you Like this article and repost it in social media, you can help me. I would like to thank you in advance and invite you to get registered on our Web site!


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